Bridget Brooks, Tualatin City CouncilBridget Young Brooks

The City of Tualatin is a thriving community with wonderful residents who enjoy and contribute to Tualatin in diverse and meaningful ways, making our city a great place to live. We have solid schools, beautiful parks and a unique commons that we all can enjoy! Our strong police and fire departments help keep us safe. We rise to challenges and commit to solutions such as passing the traffic bond. It is for these reasons and more that I'm proud to live in Tualatin and seek to serve on our City Council.

My husband and I made a very conscious decision to move to Tualatin. In my profession as a caring health provider, I deeply value environments that reduce stress: strong schools and libraries, beauty in nature, art, places to be active, and safety in our neighborhoods and streets. My husband's career in real estate appraising helped us to identify what made moving here a solid investment, both financially and in our quality of life.

Our City Council has shown strong leadership hosting inclusive events, proposing a traffic bond measure when other avenues were blocked, and supporting municipal services that make us proud. As a social work professional, I have practiced assessing needs and providing solid solutions. I know how to build on existing strengths while listening to concerns to bolster success and empowerment. As a community practice specialist, I've employed many tools that work at a community level. Additionally, I’m invested in following the Tualatin City Council's commendable track record of being fiscally responsible. Although I'm experienced in meeting crisis, I am firm in my knowledge that proactive solutions keep them at bay. I’m asking for your vote so that I can work with the City Council to Keep Tualatin Strong.

Bridget Brooks